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Mihael Giba

He graduated from the Art Academy in Split (UMAS), Department of Painting in 2008 with the Dean's Award. In 2009 he becomes a teacher at Art Academy in Split's painting department, teaching practical courses in Electronic imaging and Digital photography.

He started exhibiting during the senior year in college, with the first solo exhibition in 2008. Currently he is working as an external collaborator at UMAS' Painting Department. He is a member of the Croatian Association of Artists and Creative Network Zebra and is an active part of the organizing team of independent space Greta. Since 2013 is a member of the Croatian Society of Independent Artists.

Naziv rada ???

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"My works aren't sensational revelations but reminders for dealing with reality and they serve to draw attention to these events and developments that affect the whole society. Artistic field that I work in is the visualization of information and I am developing computer programs that serve as the basis of my installations. The common link in all of my work is the mapping of individual and global social phenomena. (...) Topics that I deal with in my work are political corruption, trust in politics, the influence of media on society and other social conditions that affect society."

By collecting data from a websites of the Ministry of Interior and the Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service computer software calculates and predicts criminal activities in the city of Zagreb; in another work a computer program monitors and records the changes in the media, political corruption, unemployment and personal loss at the shops' cashiers desks that occurs by not returning a few cents by the merchant when paying bills.

Naziv rada | Mihael Giba, godina
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