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Željka Gradski Galić

Born 1975. A sculptor by her training, Željka Gradski Galić mostly created the installations fashioned from natural material and composed in open air in the period from 1997 to 1999.

In 1999 she started to work intensively in photography as a document of private or public performances; ordered actions, spontaneous situations taken from the real life where the participants (including herself as a camera person) became the actors of a reality show.

She often complemented photography with other media (text, ready-made, video, sound...). She began to use digital camera in 2002, executing her works in series of photographs, like the frozen images from video-recording, and also began to use editing.


       |  a series of photographs of vine glasses,
       installation comprising prints on canvas,
       a table with flatscreen monitor and
       a sculpture by Goran Petercol.
       |  5 photo. 50 × 70 cm, table 100 × 150 cm

The work is based on the photographs taken at dawn, at the end of a wedding party. By subsequent intervention I inverted their light values and thus made problematic the surrender to pleasures which simultaneously become very aestheticized.
To my toying with pleasures as well as with myself I attach a text of Don Rigoberto (the hero of the novel by Vargas Llosa, with a markedly hedonistically oriented personality) who slides on the screen of a monitor placed on a white table: "The duty of all things is to give a joy; if they do not give joy, they are useless or harmful."
On the same table there is a sculpture by Goran Petercol, a vine glass, which I purchased in order to fulfill the exclusive need to possess a work of art, transforming it (in the view of my financial situation) in a markedly hedonistic act.

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