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Vida Guzmić

Born in Zagreb in 1986. She has graduated at Fina Arts Academy in Zagreb, Department for animated film and new media.
Exhibits since 2009.

Identity, the role of women in general and the self in the private and public spheres, are the topics reviewed in an experimental documentary video and text that together form spatial installation.

Women in and outside
       |  video installation,
       |  4 channel video, book, text

My grandmother, the inspiration and the main character, allows me to touch upon her own story a theme of woman and female, her roles as homemaker and housewife. Recording private situation (inside) is resulting in a documentary material which gradually loses its shape during the process and moves into fiction. She agrees to play of recording of our meetings. She doesn't fully understand the final material, but the fact that it serves the purpose of academic education, she approves and gives me permission to use it. I try to move away from clear view (and statements) and translate them into a broader context.
Form and structure are variable, four videos do not form a closed unit and leave room personal interpretation. The idea is the same, each video is related to the subject, but in a different way, recounts the relationship between me and my grandmother, the room where she lives, sometimes my role in her life and touching story of a widow who hasn't in years left the apartment on the fourth floor building without elevators, where she lives.

Women in and outside
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