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Ana Kadoić

Born 1974 in Zagreb. Having completed her undergraduate studies at the Academy of Visual Arts in Zagreb, Ana Kadoić takes her postgraduate courses in Amsterdam, where she stay to live.

For some years she had been mainly focused at the visual aspects of form, and later got interested in what lies outside and behind physical object and started to explore the problems of forms with more awareness, and bring them to the surface of her work. After having established the object as a visual phenomenon she started to reveal the difference, and even the "failure and deceit" of the relations between the object and what stands behind it.

"My work begins to function through the systems and structures which demand a certain discipline and persevering effort, many repetitions of the action. The sensations produced get instantaneously erased, cancel out or simply do not happen at all, leaving behind only a hint and an expectation, letting the system fail. The body of the work, the object, becomes a tool which indicates something which is its opposite."

15th September 2002,
   from 6 pm to 7 pm

       |  video installation
       |  dimensions variable

The installation comprises the continuous photographs with the registering of all simultaneous sounds (during one day of the exhibition) and a projection of the same photograph, every day of the exhibition, at the same section of the wall at the same time.

It is about "transplanting" always the same period of time to the coordinates of a place in the space, and to each successive day which belongs to it, previously securing a freed space which it is going to take by neutralizing the structure of the wall with abrasive paper.

15th September 2002, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
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