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Matej Knežević

Matej Knežević is a visual artist preoccupied with current social problems of global character and developments in the local community. Alongside his artistic engagement, he has completed the Medical Faculty of the University of Zagreb, and works as a doctor / urology specialist.

Come in, you don't
   have to take your
   shoes off

       |  spatial installation, sketch, 4 x 4 x 2 m

The focus is around conceptual reflection of reality from my own environment, questioning the position of a young person in today's society. (...) In particular, I am occupied by the search for symbols, objects and materials that are possible to be redirected to another context. (...) All of these motivational lines of my artistic imagination are an attempt of finding personal solutions of some deeper issues and are an aspect of reacting to surrounding stimuli. (...) At first glance, the theme of the home base may seem light, as the family is often understood as the category which happens by itself with its inertia. The colloquial unit of measure of lightness, but also the expression of such an understanding of the situation would be: 'It's a peanut!' But my personal experience is the opposite, and it seems to me that this work is not easy and light at all, but it is profitable. From the position of a cheerful family worker comes my own self-affirmative attitude: 'It's not peanut. It's a thousand peanuts'.

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