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Where is Ines?

Danijel Milčić

Born 1980. Photographic designer, with only a secondary school education at the moment, and so far the youngest finalist of this competition, free of adopted patterns, since the creation of his opus is still the matter of future.

In the play of exploration which he records by photography and video, he shows the freedom inherent to his age and a ripe sensitivity for motives and their visual forming and presentation.

Where is Ines?

       |  photograph 29.7 × 42 cm

" Are these works which compose a harmonious whole or is it simply a heap of separate wholes in one place? The answer is, of course, wholly relative, as is everything. Namely, they were all created independently from each other and so each constitutes a whole by itself, but in this display they make only fragments of a final which constitutes precisely me. The works are divided in the "normal" and the distorted ones. Each of these wholes begins with a mirror which allows all who appear in front of it to become for

a short time a part of the work and enter a short relationship with me. The works which follow after the mirror show persons or things which have their fixed place, in this work as well as in my personal life. At the end of both categories there is a video projection which completes a historical line in which the development of photography exactly unwound from a wish to the "moving pictures". Why does history repeat itself, that is, why after the story of normal

photographs there follows a similar story in a distorted form? Classic photography has got a classic and inevitable flaw. It has a limit - a frame. Precisely the film at the end of that first whole deals with this problem, while in the second story the same problem was avoided by taking scene of whole 360 degrees, each end resulting in a beginning and the other way around. Yet avoiding one limit results in creating another one? "

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