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Nika Radić

Born 1968. She is an artist with many years of experience and with many exhibitions behind her, always presenting her sculpture and her explorations of the question of space. She was trained as a sculptor, but because of her interest for communication and the essence of understanding she decided to study history of arts in Vienna.

In the past few years she introduced into her work some new and different media than the conventional sculptural ones, but kept her primary interests for space and communication. Some time ago she started to explore the question of the transmission of message, in terms of speech and language, but also in terms of art, and to investigate the communication of a work of art with the viewers.

In this she is always interested in the system of communication, in the signs used, either in personal of social context and in the frustrations we are liable to experience in this inability to communicate thoroughly.


       |  laser print, 150 × 100 cm

Phonetic transcriptions of conversations that the passers by held during the day in city street are written over the photograph of the same empty city street. It is nothing about the attempts of eavesdropping but about the literal noting down of the sound.

Parts of those notes might become understandable if we pronounce them again but they mostly merge into the graphism in the same way as sounds of conversations in the city merge into fatigue.

The fragments which might appear as understandable to us are becoming senseless for unacquaintance of the context. It seems that the understanding only depends in fact on acquaintance of unspoken, on common experience.

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